Discover How To
Deeply Hidden
BIG or Small

After 7 years and hundreds of therapy sessions, I uncovered something utterly mind-blowing. And that is..

"Emotional People Have a Huge Advantage When it Comes To Their Mental Health!"

It really is a superpower.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive so let me explain....

When you are a highly emotional person, the good news is, that you already have the key trait to use a very natural force inside of you to free yourself from the emotional baggage that can plague your daily life.

You know those seemingly small triggers we sometimes overreact to that seem to keep us in a perpetual downward spiral.

But... focusing on trigger events in a specific way, you can emotionally release all the negative impact of past experiences leaving you freer than you ever thought possible.

Did you know that there is a 'way to cry' a 'way to be angry', a 'way to be scared' that connects you straight to the trauma event hidden in the unconscious mind and releases all the upset that is attached to it?

So if there is no negative emotion attached to past events then your reactions to the triggers around it will change dramatically for the better.

That's how powerful it is!
Sound good??

What's also very different about Deboxing is that once mastered, you can, at will, use a trigger to head into the root memory of the issue and release it, which in turn lessens and removes its negative impact.

Best of all it can then be used to remove anything that is bothering you from the inside, whenever you wish.

What you once struggled with becomes a struggle no more.... Naturally.
How to turn your emotions from trauma into freedom.

By the end of this programme, you will understand how your daily reactions are so often linked to past events that continue to affect your life. You will discover how to notice them and how they can be used to reduce and remove their impact on you.

The changes you will experience using simple release techniques will not only cement your belief in the process but make you stronger and more self-reliant regarding your mental health.

How will your life improve if you remove so much anguish around guilt or never feeling good enough?

Well, I have walked that path myself.

I tested and experimented to find the answers that I was seeking. And I found them. It changed my life beyond belief.

I am no longer a slave to the memories of a cheating ex-girlfriend, childhood and adult trauma or events that affected me so much when I was younger that my brain had just blocked them out.

They are all gone! And should anything else appear, I relish the opportunity to release even more baggage buried in my unconscious mind.

It's not only me.

I spent 6 years coaching people just like you. One of the things that I discovered during this period was who is the ideal person for this. And once I knew that, we had a 100% success rate.

You will read about my students shortly..

So...Who This Is NOT For:
  • If you are someone who never cries and is emotionally shut down or detached.
  • If you want to take a magic pill and feel better
  • If you avoid facing any kind of truth or discomfort
  • If you are not ready to follow my direction even when you feel it doesn't make sense.
  • If you are not ready to put some effort into learning and applying the techniques.
Who This Is Perfect For:
With that said, Here's who Deboxing will be perfect for...
  • If you cry easily, even at a movie or something on the TV, and feel you are an emotional person. (you are perfect for this)
  • If you are crying all the time and just want the pain to end.
  • If you want to learn the fastest way to use your emotions to free finally free yourself from trauma, big or small.
If you can cry at movies and have mental health struggles you want to remove...then this is for you.
And here is what our students say...
Carl Chapman, Essex, UK
"My confidence is increasing and my anxieties are disappearing before my eyes! So I genuinely, highly recommend this to anyone who is sick of being a slave to their emotions and fed up with everyone telling them that they just need to think more positively."
Darren Hilton, Rochdale, UK
"It's great! I feel totally liberated and confident. I felt better after the first 'emotional box' appeared and emptied. The great thing is I am self-sufficient – not dependent."
Charlotte Suh, South Korea
"I have certainly found an improvement in my daily moods and overall sense of wellbeing. I no longer feel deeply depressed and hopeless. I have experienced what feels like a breath of fresh air. And I have a tool that will help me with other difficult feelings and emotional reactions as they come up. It's a process that I can return to again and again as needed."
Aurora Young,
Banbury, UK
"By leaning into it and Deboxing, I
found my life becoming happier and
problems easier to deal with. I would
and have recommended this book and
course to anyone that would benefit,
which is pretty much everyone!!"
Laura, Slough, UK
"I reached a point in my life where I
was finding it difficult to manage
everyday tasks, and I was experiencing
depressions and anxieties daily. I felt
like I was losing control. I would say
that if you have reached a point
in your life where you want to take
control of your destiny, then Deboxing
is for you! Jay, you and deboxing have
supported me through the most difficult
time of my life...I do not know where I
would be or how I would have got
through the past few months without
your help.
I actually feel proud of the person that I am...I don't think I've been able to say that before! I'M FUCKING PROUD OF MYSELF! I'll shout it from the rooftops if I have too.
All thanks to Clair really as she introduced me to you and deboxing! Then the work began...Thanks, Jay, really from the bottom of my soul, thank you. 
You really are a good guy didn't need to do what you've done to help others, but you did and you're making a huge impact on their lives.
I am now truly happy with myself and MY
Clair Drury, Millbrook, Beds, UK
"I've suffered for as long as I can
remember with anxiety for my fear of
flying. I have used many other methods
to try to help me with this but nothing
has really helped.
Then I used Deboxing. I've just flown
to America this September 2016 - which
is actually where I am writing this
from. The experience that I had this
year was just so different that I would
describe the flight as almost
enjoyable! My family have commented on
just how different I have been this
trip, wanting to know what caused the
change. Deboxing has just
made 'being me' even easier."
Roli Ashishon,
London, UK
"Just before I came across Deboxing I
was going through a period of
transition in my life. I was facing the
challenge of coming to terms with the
fact that my marriage of twenty plus
years was ending and I was experiencing
undue stress and anxiety. Also, I was
overwhelmed with feelings of guilt,
confusion and disappointment.
Now having had further interaction with
Jay, I sense he is someone that is
passionate about the Deboxing approach
and he wants to share it with as many
people as possible because he really
believes that they would be immensely
benefited by it.

Deboxing as a therapeutic approach is
easy to do because it is basically
shedding light on what we would
'naturally' do when we feel sad, lonely
or depressed. But Deboxing teaches us
what to do with these feelings to not
only get instant relief but reduce the
ongoing issue's inside.
I have a counselling background but
Deboxing offered an approach that
elicited a more rapid outcome than
traditional psychotherapeutic methods.
That really appealed to me. Also, my
personal experience with Deboxing had
shown me that it worked."
M.Withers, Fitness Business Owner, Banbury, UK
"I felt worthless I felt like a fraud I
felt like people were picking on me,
My biggest Debox Experience was a release of something I never thought I
wanted to let go off. I didn't set out
to let go of it, in fact I was
determined to hold onto it. But as
other cupboards emptied, I realised
this was my biggest issue of them all.
I'd been fighting against it for years.
It took a few Deboxing sessions to
change my perspective on this issue. At
the end, I felt light, almost empty,
strange feeling, but a really good one.
I'm much more at ease with myself.

I'm much more comfortable and confident
I don't beat myself up, everytime
something doesn't work out.
Deboxing is amazing! The feeling you
get after emptying a cupboard is truely
Incredibly. To the extent, that now, if
I know I am going to be in a situation,
that I may feel uncomfortable, I can
Pre Debox. I truly believe, however big
or small your issues are Deboxing will

Andrew Barker, Business Owner, Bloxham, UK
"I was apprehensive before starting.
The frustrations of everyday life were
ruining my life. I also wanting to
understand the reasons why my marriage
had broken down.
The realization that the feelings that
caused me so much hurt and anger just
became irrelevant once I had deboxed
them - The issues have not disappeared
but the feelings I once had have
changed and do not have the same effect
on me as before.
Feelings of frustration and despair
have stopped ruling my life - I have
come to terms with the underlying
issues that caused the frustration and
despair and the feelings do not have

the same effect on me - I have stopped
being angry and frustrated
I would certainly recommend deboxing to
others!! You have to go into it with an
open-mind and be willing to accept the
advice given and stick with it!!
Your life changes constantly but
knowing how to Debox "uncomfortable
feelings" that will appear and stop
them taking over your life is a very
good gift to have!!

Thank You Jay"

Jayne Newman
"I am a certified active therapist with
my own practice and 12 years of
I contacted Jay after watching the
Debox TEDx talk and saw a winning
formula in the Debox method.
I immediately wanted to get involved.
My use of the Debox method has
generated excellent personal and client
I am ready to be more involved in training and
supporting the Debox coaches, as this grows.
What more can I say? It works."
Kelly Day, Nursery Manager,
Birmingham, UK
"I suffered with stress and anxiety on
a daily basis. Personally I felt
sceptical at the beginning as I didn't
fully understand how deboxing would
work. But it did.
I'm certainly easier on myself now, i
feel a lot more confident to admit I
don't always get it right and I've
started to balance my work and home
life better. I'm not as reactive to my
eldest daughter when we disagree. I
feel less guilt and anxiety.
I've definitely seen tangible results.
I have let go of feelings of guilt that
I've Held on to for a long time.
I have experienced the relief from a
deboxing session"
Peter Owen, UK, Qualified therapist therapy practitioner in UK schools,
Founder of Orpheus Mind Technologies
"When I first heard about de-boxing I
thought it was a beautiful metaphor for
how our mind works which fits perfectly
with my understandings gained as a
therapist over many years. I must say I
absolutely LOVE the process. I now see
myself as a hunter of boxes. If one
pops up I "pop" it and bizarrely the
entire process feels great! Techniques
which quickly deal with emotions such
as Deboxing are dragging the
psychological world kicking and
screaming into the 21st Century. I
can't recommend this process enough and
think it should be a life skill taught
to everyone."

What has brought you here and "Why Now?"

What struggles are you facing that have brought you here today? Would you rather stay where you are now or do something to finally free yourself from the struggle?
What plan do you have to feel better if you don't do this?

The cause could be one big event or an accumulation over the years. You may feel that you know what the issues are or you may not. Either way, if you are ready now, then I can teach you
 I can teach you how to release trapped emotions, and remove the trauma inside. If you feel this is for you....
I have created 3 ways for you to learn and use the method.

The first is a free digital copy of the Debox book.

The second is a carefully curated video course, with a coaching and support forum and a Live Q&A webinar with me to answer your questions.
The third is private one-on-one coaching with me, which includes the online course and 1-2-1 private messenger. 


Three Ways To Get Started With Deboxing
My Recommendation For Fast Results
As you can see from above, private 1-2-1 coaching offers you the most comprehensive resources and will help you get rid of these "boxes" that have been holding you back the most, in the least amount of time. However, I know that many of you have spent money on various techniques over the years and may be wary of trying something else, just like I was. 
That's why I created a 17 part video series, with all of my most important techniques and teachings. This will allow you to work your way through the method and see for yourself just how powerful it can be, and note the changes in your own life as you do so. 
You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

There is no catch. If now is the right time for you, then grab the online course and coaching for £297. It will be worth it. 

No one will be able to see you as you can have an anonymous username after you join. 

I am excited to teach you and the results that it will give you.

I look forward to seeing you inside as it really is me in there with you answering and supporting you. 

Jay Roberts
Founder, Deboxing (ETM)


Jay Roberts, Founder and creator of Deboxing
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does It Cost?
For The online course and 1 month of premium forum coaching, it's £997 then £97 a month thereafter for continued coaching. No contracts. You can cancel anytime.

For Private 1-2-1 coaching Its £5,000 / 3 x £1,997 for the 12-week intensive. If you wish to continue getting 1-2-1 coaching and support after 12 weeks it's £1,997 a month or purchase a further 12 weeks for £5,000.
How is the course and coaching delivered?
The Online video course is delivered via your member's area on your laptop or via our App so you can watch the videos and get forum coaching from Jay. 
If you chose private coaching you have your own messenger thread with Jay via the app which is completely private.
How does the coaching forum work?
You can access the coaching forum via your laptop or our App on your iOS or Android device. The forum is public so your questions will be seen by other members BUT you can change your username to remain anonymous. 
Can I be anonymous in the coaching forum?
YES, you can. When you join you can go to your profile and change the first and last name to anything you choose. You can do this via the app or your laptop so no one will know who you are but you get the same great coaching. 
I cry easily. Will This work for me?
YES! If you took the Debox Quiz you will know this is a key trait in Debox working for you quickly. That fact you have emotions coming to the surface easily makes this an amazingly quick to get working once you know how. 
I am not really an emotional person. Will this work for me?
It will work for you BUT it's a much harder road than it is for an emotional person. Your desire to feel freer will be paramount. In simple terms, you are going to need to learn how to open up your emotions. This isn't easy and I would say in most cases when you are emotionally shut down, it won't work for you due to most people not being willing to put this kind of effort in. 
How does the 1-2-1 coaching work?
It's all done in our app via your phone or your member's area via your computer. 
You will receive a mixture of short videos, worksheets (not many so don't worry), and personally recorded video instruction via a private messenger that only you and I can see.
Here I can guide you through mastering Deboxing to remove just about any emotional baggage or trauma you are carrying.  I can also advise on situations in life as they happen so you know how best to handle them not only for Deboxing but for life too!
You will also have access to the whole online video course and the public forum for our standard members. 
Therapy takes years so why is the coaching focused on 12 weeks?
This is an accelerated intensive program. By getting personally freshly recorded video replies to your questions or walking you through mastering the method, it's much must faster than going it alone. 
Unlike therapy this is about you learning a life-changing skill that YOU can use whenever you want WITHOUT the need for a coach or therapist. Once you have learned and mastered all the caveats of Deboxing, you are totally self-sufficient!
How long does it take to master Deboxing?
For 80% of the people, it's anything from 3-4 months. Some people take longer which is why we have the option of £97 a month for continued coaching.
How quickly can I expect to see results?
Immediately! One of the things I look to do in your first week is to get you a tangible result. So you feel the difference in the simple process and also the change it creates. I've lost count of how many minds I've blown from their first Debox session. 
I have some really deep trauma. Will this work?
YES! All trauma has emotions attached to it. And you will learn how to get a direct siphon into this hidden emotional box. Once released, the trauma is gone. 
Is it dangerous?
No. Its about as dangerous as any strong emotion except now you will learn how to channel these emotions into a release that brings huge relief. 
Do the changes last?
Yes, they do. I have been doing this for some 8/9 years now and things I removed way back then are still good today. 
Jay, do you still use Deboxing?
I do yes. I found that things come up over the months and years when something triggers them and rather than go back into the constant struggle I can deploy Deboxing and remove it in 20-30 minutes. 
Sometimes it's a buried event that I had no idea about and other times it's just a build-up of pressure from life. Either way, I can remove it quickly and simply. It's my superpower. 
Is this safe for children?
I would say anyone under the age of 13 is a no. If they are older and ready to face their demons then yes. We have a children's programme in the works now so watch this space!
Whats your refund policy?
30-day power guarantee.
We want to make sure this works for you. So we have our power guarantee. Complete the whole 45-minute video course and implement it, using the coaching forum and live webinars to help you.

If, after taking the whole course and trying the method, it doesn't work for you, we will refund you in full. 
If you are unsure about the course or coaching you can download the free digital copy of the book, watch my TED Talk or listen to the 30+ mini podcasts and go from there. 
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