Accelerate Your Results With Jay's Private Coaching Program
It's true! You can finally take control of your emotions and free yourself from the emotional wounds which prevent you from getting where you need to be. In Just 12 weeks. 
Hey there, I'm Jay Roberts
Creator and founder of Deboxing which has also been known as the Emotional Trigger Method (ETM)...
So...Who This Is NOT For:
  • If you are someone who never cries and is emotionally shut down or detached.
  • If you want to take a magic pill and feel better
  • If you avoid facing any kind of truth or discomfort
  • If you are not ready to follow my direction even when you feel it doesn't make sense.
  • If you are not ready to put some effort into learning and applying the techniques.
Who This Is Perfect For:
With that said, Here's who Deboxing will be perfect for...
  • If you cry easily, even at a movie or something on the TV, and feel you are an emotional person. (you are perfect for this)
  • If you say no to the above point - stop here. It'll be hard to get this working without a supreme effort.
  • If you are crying all the time and just want the pain to end.
  • If you really don't want to share lots of personal details with a stranger.
  • If you want to learn the fastest way to use your emotions to free finally free yourself.
...then this is for you.
And here is what they say...
Carl Chapman, Essex, UK
"My confidence is increasing and my anxieties are disappearing before my eyes! So I genuinely, highly recommend this to anyone who is sick of being a slave to their emotions and fed up with everyone telling them that they just need to think more positively."
Darren Hilton, Rochdale, UK
"It's great! I feel totally liberated and confident. I felt better after the first 'emotional box' appeared and emptied. The great thing is I am self-sufficient – not dependent."
Charlotte Suh, South Korea
"I have certainly found an improvement in my daily moods and overall sense of wellbeing. I no longer feel deeply depressed and hopeless. I have experienced what feels like a breath of fresh air. And I have a tool that will help me with other difficult feelings and emotional reactions as they come up. It's a process that I can return to again and again as needed."
What struggles are you facing that have brought you here today? Are they big enough to make you want to get rid of the baggage inside? The cause could be one big event or an accumulation over the years. You may feel that you know what the issues are or you may not. Either way, if you are ready now, then I can teach you
Back when I was ready to head into this self-evolution, I was sick of being a slave to my anxieties, doubts and fears of everyday life. And I did have an event that tipped me over the edge which led to discovering Deboxing so, in essence, I am grateful.
That's another aspect to this journey. I'm even thankful for the depths that I plunged to, as without doing so I wouldn't have been forced to find the solution.
When I look back at this most difficult of times, I was on the verge of a breakdown which then led me on the path to Deboxing discoveries. Now you may not be or have ever been this low, but to use the cliché.. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired then today is the day for you to change this.
However, you may be thinking "Who the heck are you to teach me anything?!
I feel you!
You don't know me, so why should you believe me?
I am my own best student and after doing hundreds of sessions and seeing everyone have the same results I know that for the right person this is life-changing.
That's why I have created an application process to get access to the programme. So I can be sure it'll work for you.

I have a full programme with 12 weeks of 1-2-1 support with me directly, but I am sure you will feel much more confident if you know I only work with people that this WILL work for.

I went through psychotherapy, CBT, hypnotherapy, counselling and more, and not only were the outcomes less than I would have hoped for, they never gave me any tangible success for months, and even then, it wasn't huge shifts.

Whilst I learnt some things, they didn't change much inside. I spent £5,000+ but I still ended up on the verge of a breakdown.

That's not right!

I am going to take you through how to think differently about your emotions and ignite that 'seeker' inside you. You will learn how to start to document your daily triggers, big and small.

How the right list can bring your awareness into the place it needs to be for emotional growth.


Here at Debox, we use the acronym R.E.A.A.L
  • REACT - Notice your negative emotional reaction to an event.
  • EXPECT - Expect and assume that your reaction is a BOX...Acknowledge it! ('box' means emotional event or trauma).
  • ACCEPT - Once accepted, allow it your emotion to remain there. Don't suppress or avoid it.
  • AMPLIFY - The emotional release begins.
  • LET IT GO - Seek the trigger for emotional release and you will let the emotion go.
These are the pillars on which you will build your new world. Removing the events that keep you feeling like you are not good enough.
You are!

I will show you!

Yes I Want To Apply Now

This programme will be broken down into two parts.
It's £5,000 for The first twelve weeks and is when most of the learning and breakthroughs occur. Inside of our private member's App, I use a mixture of video, private text replies, actions tasks, and personal video replies to get your learning and feeling better quickly. You can as me questions or explain a crisis where I can help you 1-2-1. 
This is without a doubt where the big 'AHA!' moments occur.
Then in the second phase of the following weeks and months, you will discover more triggers and release even more baggage buried in your unconscious mind.
You will still have access to 1-2-1 coaching beyond the 12 weeks for a monthly cost of £197. I have found so many things come up in the months after the 12-week intensive and some students have preferred to have me on hand if something hits. 
If this resonates with you, then it's time to apply...
This is a fully online programme with 1-2-1 messenger access to me directly every day via our own App, and a weekly live Q&A for Debox students.
No one can see you or hear you, you can listen and will have private 1-2-1 access to me via chat in the member's only App. If you are anything like me, I never wanted to share my stuff with lots of people.
My job is to ensure you get the results you desire.
If you are a good fit for this programme, I will make it my mission to help you reach where you need to be.
And I will.

As stated, this programme will be via an application process so I can make sure it's right for both of us. If I feel this won't work for you, I will tell you. No bullshit! I hate some of the lies told in this world. Mental health needs truth!

Your results are all I care about.

This is a BOLD Claim but its true!
NO ONE else in the world knows how to do this. I have never, in all my years of searching found anyone that knows how to use emotions this way. It's what I have spent 7 years figuring out and mastering before bringing this to you. 
I only look to work with a small number of people 1-2-1 in our App to make sure I give you all I can and ensure great results and mastery. 


So click the button to fill in the application.
You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
There is no catch. If now is the right time for you, then apply.
No one will be able to see you. It's completely private so you can learn in a safe space.

I am excited to teach you and the results that it will give you.

Jay Roberts
Founder, Deboxing (ETM)


Join Private Debox Coaching Today
Yes I Want To Apply Now
Frequently Asked Questions
How Much Does It Cost?
For Private 1-2-1 coaching Its £5,000 ($6,700) or 3 x £1,667 ($2,250) for the 12-week intensive. If you wish to continue getting 1-2-1 coaching and support after 12 weeks it's £1,997 a month or purchase a further 12 weeks for £5,000.
I cry easily. Will This work for me?
YES! If you took the Debox Quiz you will know this is a key trait in Debox working for you quickly. That fact you have emotions coming to the surface easily makes this an amazingly quick to get working once you know how. 
I am not really an emotional person. Will this work for me?
It will work for you BUT it's a much harder road than it is for an emotional person. Your desire to feel freer will be paramount. In simple terms, you are going to need to learn how to open up your emotions. This isn't easy and I would say in most cases when you are emotionally shut down, it won't work for you due to most people not being willing to put this kind of effort in. 
How does the 1-2-1 coaching work?
It's all done in our app via your iOS or Android device, or your member's area via your computer. 
You will receive a mixture of short videos, worksheets (not many so don't worry), and personally recorded video instruction via a private messenger that only you and I can see.
I reply to all messages within hours usually depending on time zone differences. (I am in the UK)
Here I can guide you through mastering Deboxing to remove just about any emotional baggage or trauma you are carrying.  I can also advise on situations in life as they happen so you know how best to handle them not only for Deboxing but for life too!
You will also have access to the whole online video course and the public forum for our standard members. 
Therapy takes years so why is the coaching focused on 12 weeks?
Because unlike therapy this is about you learning a life-changing skill that YOU can use whenever you want WITHOUT the need for a coach or therapist. Once you have learned and mastered all the caveats of Deboxing, you are totally self-sufficient!
There is an option for longer than 12 weeks. Why?
All of the learning and activity happens in the first 12 weeks. Around 80% of students are self-sufficient by this time. Sometimes students want my support for longer as they have a lot of trauma to shift and still don't feel fully confident to go it alone yet. This then drops to £197 a month for the same 1-2-1 access. 
How quickly can I expect to see results?
Immediately! One of the things I look to do in your first week is to get you a tangible result. So you feel the difference in the simple process and also the change it creates. I've lost count of how many minds I've blown from their first Debox session. 
I have some really deep trauma. Will this work?
YES! All trauma has emotions attached to it. And you will learn how to get a direct siphon into this hidden emotional box. Once released, the trauma is gone. 
Is it dangerous?
No. Its about as dangerous as any strong emotion except now you will learn how to channel these emotions into a release that brings huge relief. 
Do the changes last?
Yes, they do. I have been doing this for some 8/9 years now and things I removed way back then are still good today. 
Jay, do you still use Deboxing?
I do yes. I found that things come up over the months and years when something triggers them and rather than go back into the constant struggle I can deploy Deboxing and remove it in 20-30 minutes. 
Sometimes it's a buried event that I had no idea about and other times it's just a build-up of pressure from life. Either way, I can remove it quickly and simply. It's my superpower. 
Is this safe for children?
I would say anyone under the age of 13 is a no. If they are older and ready to face their demons then yes. We have a children's programme in the works now so watch this space!
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