Book One-On-One Coaching Session To Sky Rocket Your Progress!

It'll help you feel less overwhelmed, gain clarity, and take action including the following:

  • Fully Understand the Debox Method Philosophy
  • How to make your list the right way so it can track your progress
  • Understand how to implement fast-action steps for quicker results
  • How to use the various methods to remove inner struggles
  • How to know you've removed the problem fully

How It Works:

Before the session

Read the Debox Digital Book (the book is included in this call package and will be emailed to you)

You can read this during a lunch break so you have a base understanding and can note any questions you need clarity on.

On our call make sure your mobile is off and you are present for the call which will last 60 minutes approx.

During the session

This can be via phone (WhatsApp or Skype) or via video call depending on what you feel most comfortable with. Jay can answer any questions and explain the method. I will teach you how to make a list and how to deploy the method successfully. "IF" you feel you want to, we can do a release session on the call so you get instant relief and experience the process with Jay's expert guidance

After the session

You can then go off and continue your journey alone or hire Jay to walk with you and have weekly guided calls with Debox Coaching. This is NOT a sales call so you will be given options and the opportunity to go away and think about how you want to continue. As with everything Jay does, there is never any pressure to do anything you don't want to do.

Don't Miss This Opportunity!

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